AUT Briefing Papers on housing

AUT University has, over the last few weeks, been running a series of short essays on housing-related issues, in their Briefing Papers series.  There are now seven contributions from a range of different perspectives –  from economics, to social housing and health issues.  My contribution to the series is up today.  In it I reprise (briefly) my story that persistently high house prices, especially in Auckland, are best seen as the result of policy blunders of successive governments: land use restrictions running head-on into high target rates of inwards non-citizen migration.

For regular readers there will be nothing new in the latest piece.  For others, a fuller version of that story is here, and a complementary piece explaining why Reserve Bank investor finance restrictions are not a sensible or appropriate response to a problem of this nature is here.

2 thoughts on “AUT Briefing Papers on housing

  1. Land use restrictions in Auckland is largely due to geography. Not an easy problem to fix. Auckland has 57 sacred mounts eg Mt Eden, Mt Roskill, Mt Albert, Mt Smart, Mt Wellington, etc The surrounding land of each one of these sacred mounts are viewshafts ie 8 to 10 metre height restrictions. That is why Auckland CBD is so disjointed. Height restrictions everywhere.


  2. Not policy blunders, more like political correctness. ie viewshafts for scared mounts, can’t cut the thousands of kauri natives to free up the Waitakere ranges for building activity, queens chain exclusion zones on the thousands of streams that dry up in summer, pre 1944 demolition controls brought forward in Special Housing zones to protect run down shacks


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