About Michael Reddell’s blog

I’ve spent 30+ years doing economic analysis and policy advice in a range of institutions, in New Zealand and overseas.  Most of that time was at the Reserve Bank, where I ran a number of areas, including a spell as Head of Financial Markets, responsible for monetary policy implementation, foreign reserves management, and the analysis of financial system risks.  I spent 25 years or so on the (equivalent of the) OCR Advisory Group to the Governor, and many years on the Bank’s key internal financial regulation policy committee.

In other parts of my career, I was resident economic adviser to the central banks of Papua New Guinea and Zambia, the latter as an IMF-appointee.  I spent two years as Alternate Executive Director on the Board of the International Monetary Fund (representing New Zealand and a dozen other countries) and two years as Special Adviser at The Treasury.

In this blog, I hope to contribute to the debate on policy and economic issues, bringing to bear my experience, reading and thinking, and sharpening my own thinking  –  including as and when others respond and engage.

My professional background is mostly in macroeconomics.  My interests go much wider, and that wider range will be reflected in the content of this blog.  This page links to some of the more substantial pieces I’ve done, past and more recently.

My first allegiance is to Jesus Christ, whose disciple I set out, by grace, to be.  I hope that influences the content of my thoughts, and how I express them.  One practical outworking of my faith is that this blog will not be updated on Sundays.   I will also be commenting on aspects of faith and Christianity at https://amongtraditions.wordpress.com/.

I can be contacted at mhreddell  at gmail.com.

16 thoughts on “About Michael Reddell’s blog

  1. Michael I am a bit mystified after reading the back ground on Cassandra why you use Cassandra as your title. Do you think you are disbelieved or have been in your advice on economic policies. I am sure you were an excellent economist. With national economics politics can try to take over. But is the political force stronger than the economic force? Maybe. The ruler of the Reserve Bank is a politician. Blessings. ….Lester.


  2. Hi Michael,

    I am a Producer at Radio Live. I am always keen to get an unbiased, expert view on economic matters. I hate using bank economists. Are you interested in a bit of radio comment? For example today I would love to get some commentary on the Fed decision and what it is telling us.

    Kind regards,
    Mitch Harris


  3. Hey Michael when will Nz be free from the criminal cartel enslaving our people are we strong enough to get rid of the fiat currency and go back to a honest gold backed one!!!


      • I would have thought that after what has come out of the Australian “Banking Commission” as it is commonly described, albeit innaccurately, it would have been fairly obvious, especially to someone with your background, to whom Andrew was referring. I think the result/outcome of the criminal cartel charges currently being brought against ANZ etc in Australia will give a further insight.


  4. Really enjoyed your comments on 1ZB this morning
    We should have been adding value to our raw materials for years
    Factories adding value to our resources great idea


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