China (PRC)

I have now reproduced a number of statements and articles relevant to issues around the activities of the People’s Republic of China in New Zealand.  Those pieces were buried in individual posts which may be hard to track down in future, so I’ve collected them here for ease of reference.

The first was a translation of an October 2018 article by Chen Weijian about the background on Yikun Zhang, an Auckland-based Chinese-born businessman with close ties to Beijing, who was embroiled in a controversy about donations to the National Party and possible new National Party election candidates.

The second was a November 2018 open letter from Australian Sinologists (New Zealand residents) Geremie Barmé and John Minford expressing concern at attempts to intimidate Anne-Marie Brady, and calling on the Prime Minister (and the Minister of Foreign Affairs) to take the threats seriously and to address, and act on, the substantive concerns Professor Brady has raised in her work.

The third is a December 2018 translation of another article, from Beijing Spring, by Chen Weijian, this time responding to claims, and attacks, in reference to Professor Brady and her work made in various Chinese-language media by Auckland pro-Beijing writer Morgan Xiao.