What are Police up to?

A reader sent me the link, and this is what Google Translate generates:

Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau and New Zealand Oakland Police Department signed a friendly cooperation arrangement
Source: Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office published:2019-05-05 17:51

guang 1.png

guang 3.png

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the conclusion of the international friendship city relationship between Guangzhou and Auckland, and to strengthen the police cooperation between the two cities, Yang Jianghua, deputy mayor of Guangzhou and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the assistant police chief of the Auckland City Police Department of New Zealand on April 29 Lena Hassan ( Naila Hassan ) signed a “friendship and cooperation with the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Auckland, New Zealand Police to arrange the book” in the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau. It is reported that this is the first time that the Guangzhou police and foreign police have signed a cooperation intention, which indicates that the law enforcement agencies of the two places will formally cooperate in police exchanges and police training.

“Police exchanges” with the Guangzhou branch of the Ministry of Public Security………..  Surely this cannot mean that MPS officers will be let loose with law enforcement powers in New Zealand?  Surely…..

I looked on the Auckland police website, I looked at the Minister of Police’s website, and I looked at the main Police news releases page, and there was nothing about this deal.

I wonder if Police, or their Minister, were ever planning on telling New Zealand citizens and voters about their deal with the PRC domestic repression apparatus?

Yesterday, I mentioned the Gestapo, but one doesn’t need to invoke (quite valid) Nazi comparisons with the People’s Republic of China.   Would Police – or elected governments – have thought such friendship and exchange deals were appropriate with the domestic security forces of the Soviet Union, or Pinochet’s Chile, with Galtieri’s Argentina, with apartheid South Africa, or……or…..or……

It just should not be.  And it clearly isn’t the case that this is just normal stuff (“everyone does it”) –  it is the PRC side that stresses that this is the first such arrangement for Guangzhou.

I’m not fond of the phrase “social licence”, but if it must be used this is an example of how government agencies –  allegedly working for our interests –  risk forfeiting theirs.

I will be lodging an OIA requesting details of this agreement.


8 thoughts on “What are Police up to?

  1. You do know there’s (at least) one PRC spy/dictatorship operative in the Beehive as a member of parliament, right? Why would this surprise?

    It is well past time for the No Zealand military to step in and remove “our” treasonous so-called “leaders”.


    • Advocating a military coup? Seriously? The better solution – in every respect – is in the hands of the public – replace them at the ballot box. Sadly the public doesn’t seem to care that much.

      (Oh, and you seem to be assuming the military is different to Police, but I gather our armed forces offer training to PLA officers etc. The subservience is deeply embedded, from the very top of succcessive govts.)


      • And when the policies of the political parties are essentially the same with respect to China, what then?
        Yes military coups are, or should be, out of the question, but lets not make the mistake of assuming that paper in a ballot box will in anyway change what is a fait accompli.
        Remember, the public do not make policy and cannot compel government.


  2. It’s a another troubling revelation of the entanglement our national Police force seems to have with the PRC. On the face of it some might dismiss it as meaningless, like all the “sister city” relationships NZ city council’s have forged with China and before that Japan. But there is more than a suggestion of deeper contact going on here, beyond Interpol cooperation on drugs or extradition of criminals. Our Police may be committing to training officers of the internal Security agencies, the ones whose job is to root out and lock up those who the Chinese Communist Party takes a dislike to.
    Perhaps it’s time the NZ Minister of Police explains the strategy, objective and extent of NZ Police “friendship & cooperation”. He might like to comment on what ethical considerations govern the decision about which foreign Police forces are acceptable for assistance, and whether states without democratic governments are acceptable partners for NZ Police. I think the NZ people would have an opinion on this.

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  3. I wonder how/whether this fits with the work of the New Zealand Police’s International Service Group, described as follows on the NZ Police website:

    New Zealand Police carries out a range of activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

    The International Service Group (ISG) manages these activities, which include:
    • peace support operations
    • post-conflict capacity building, bringing about sustained change and renewal
    • investigative support
    • advisory
    • mentoring and long-term development
    • security-related activities for major events
    • emergency and crisis responses.

    The ISG works with international agencies to support the New Zealand Government’s foreign policies and other New Zealand interests. The continuing demand for New Zealand Police participation abroad reflects the high regard in which Police is held internationally.


  4. China makes all sorts of seemingly pointless transnational partnerships in every conceivable sphere e.g. media, the arts, sport, music, business, politics, military, etc. Why? Because they are spheres of influence. China is the gold medalist in proactive control freakery, and these spheres of influence are grey zones which begin with friendships, and then lead to propaganda, influence, and subversion.

    China opens a door with these partnerships, and it will incremently keep pushing and deepening these relationships, if you let it. What seems pointless today, is just a stepping stone to a deeper engagement. To understand China, you need to understand their board game Go. China employs every single piece on the global board game, no matter how insignificant and pointless it seems. It is Orwellian control freakery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Clp17vgXmOs&t=2m50s


  5. Stuff reported 10/5/19 that Chinese Police officers are to come to NZ for training.


    China has a politicized Police force loyal to a one party state government. They do the bidding of the Chinese Communist party and are party to denial for human rights to numerous groups both political and religious who the CCP has taken a dislike to. And usually that is because the promote ideas and beliefs where they reject the supremacy of the CCP.

    Why would NZ Police want to have any involvement with Chinese Police? Do they have some naive idea that Kiwi ideas of democracy, justice and “a fair go” are somehow going to rub off on them?
    China’s motivation of wanting an association is not hard to work out. It’s all about influence building and possibly intelligence gathering. What better way to monitor the local ethnic Chinese population than have a few friendly Chinese “bobbies” dropping by. Then there is that notoriously insecure NZ Police computer system, it will only take one Chinese cop with a flashdrive connecting one terminal to download a Chinese government hack of the entire database.


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